STARPOP presents the incomparable artistry of Jane Weaver, described by The Guardian as a “…beguiling spiritual medium for immaculate psychedelia”. From her new album of re-conceptualized brilliance, Loops In The Secret Society—where the conceptual becomes canonical, re-envisioning source material from The Silver Globe & Modern Cosmology into another tonal stratosphere, this is the sonic incandescence of “Slow Motion (Loops Variation)”, with a magical video directed, cut & pasted by John-Mark Lapham for Split Constellation.

Presenter Bethany Thomas

Creator Rachel Lichtman

STARPOP presents an exclusive Chris Connelly performance of Scott Walker’s “Montague Terrace (In Blue)”, featuring Carolyn Engelmann on piano.

Presenter Jon Langford

Created by Rachel Lichtman

Thank you Gary Kessler & Herb Rosen

& Jeff T. Owens for yet another groovy new logo

STARPOP presents Juliana Hatfield “Broken Doll” World Premiere Exclusive.

Presenter Pat Sansone

Shot/Directed By Rachel Lichtman

STARPOP Presents: Bird Streets “Pretty Bones” World Premiere Exclusive.

Presenter Nicole Atkins

Shot/Directed by Rachel Lichtman